Frequently Ask Questions

The information contained on this page is general and provided for information purposes only. It is not legal advice.

Of course, this is the first question! Sorry, but the cost is truly dependent of the complexity of the matter. However, we will provide you with advice as to how to lessen the costs through organisation of material and E-document collation. 

This will depend on what stage the dispute is at. However, we would suggest that by contacting a lawyer they should be able to advise you of your available options at that point in time.

QBCC. The wonderful team at the QBCC are there to assist all those involved with construction in QLD.

Master Builders Association (Qld). Whether a builder or homeowner this professional body provides a wealth of information and advice.

Firstly, the Australian legal system is one of (if not THE) best legal systems in the world.

It is nothing like the TV! No shouting, shockhorror surprises or drama. It is all very civilised.

The Courts and Tribunals are run by professionals and our excellent QLD Judges and QCAT Members are highly regarded for their legal acumen and conduct. 

The Tribunals and Courts are safe and respectful forums where the law is applied to disputes.

It may seem daunting at first, but your legal advisor will take you through the steps and court protocols prior to entering a courtroom.

1. Yes. READ & UNDERSTAND the contract before signing, please. If you need someone to walk you through the contract, contact us. Face to face, Teams or Zoom, or even via telephone we can give you a better understanding of YOUR and the other party’s obligations under the contract.

2. Follow the contract. With proper understanding you will now know what is expected of you during certain phases of the contract. We can also assist in creating a ‘cheat sheet’ flowchart making it easier to use.

3. “It’ll be alright“. No, it might not. The contract is there for the protection of all parties to it. It is there for a reason, please do not ignore it. 

4. Make sure the contract is fair for BOTH parties. Ask Construction Law MD to review your contract before your sign.

  1. Communicate. We all know that problems do not merely disappear. Keep communicating with the other side in an attempt to resolve the dispute early.
  2.  Documents. Where possible keep everything in writing.

The one good thing about the pandemic is that is has shown us that we don’t need to be face to face to communicate. We are available to assist through Teams, Zoom or the telephone, saving time, money and finding a parking spot.

We have clients in NSW and throughout QLD, so feel free to contact us whether you are.

Sorry, but we are a Boutique Law Firm that specialises in building and construction law only. However, we can refer you to one of our wonderful colleagues who will specialise in other areas of law.