How Can We Assist You?

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a larger business, our lawyers are experts in Construction Law and can offer you tailored legal assistance and where necessary can provide representation and dispute resolution.

Below we provide you with the steps we take in providing you with the initial legal advice.

The Steps to Initial Legal Advice

First Consultation

1. Email us with a short description of the matter.

2. We will contact you to arrange a brief telephone meeting. (Understanding that you are busy, we can arrange this to be after hours or on a Saturday morning). 

The Client Agreement & Fee Estimate

1. Write a short chronology of the issue.

2. Gather all the relevant documentation. (We also use Law in Order E-document services where you can dump all your documents and they will collate them for a reasonable fee).

3. Once we have received and reviewed the above, we will provide you a fee estimate for the initial legal advice based on your provided details and issue you a Client & Costs Agreement. Under the Legal profession Act 2007 (Qld), we are required to provide all clients with information that best describes the basis on which we propose that you engage us. Accordingly, all clients will receive a disclosure notice and costs agreement.


Once the Client and Costs Agreement has been finalised through acceptance of the Client and Costs Agreement and the requested trust monies deposited, we will begin to assess your matter. During this period of assessment, we may request more information from you. The timing of the initial advice will depend of the complexity of the matter, but you will be provided with an estimate of the date for Initial advice. 

Initial Advice.

A meeting will be arranged wherein we will discuss with you our initial advice. Dependent on your matter we may provide prospects of success, the need for further evidence, the options moving forward and their associated costs. 

Our Process

Our staged processes are there to ensure that you, the client, can make an informed decision at each step of the legal journey.  A guns-blazing attitude is not always the best approach when dealing with disputes. Clear, precise and pragmatic thought must be maintained, for we ALWAYS aim to resolve the dispute, where possible, in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.