“Frostdale have used Chris Lenz for over a decade and each time, he commits 100% to the task, even recently at 4.00pm, with no notice and utmost urgency, we had the workings ready to be sent before midnight.  With Chris’s skilful actioning of the case we received a very favourable outcome within the month.

Frostdale look first and foremost to Construction Law MD for our needs.  David Holzheimer, Managing Director of Frostdale says “I would not look elsewhere. Chris Lenz and his team adds that level of professionalism yet comfort for those confronting legal challenges.  They provide me with the legal choices, allow me to see the facts and assist me to make the decisions of which are incredibly difficult by yourself. Chris’ understanding of both Engineering and the Law is paramount to meeting my needs and it enables him to converse on my matters quickly. It’s always up to me to push the buttons but I’m glad I have Construction Law MD on my side.”

Frostdale Pty Ltd, Civil Engineering Contractors, Brisbane